Swerve – Behind The Scenes – Crew

A couple of new behind the scenes production stills from Swerve


A rare occasion where Niamh doesn’t actually have red on her.


Early morning call times some times lead to a surprisingly scruffy looking Richie. He was quite dapper for the rest of the shoot.


Linda always makes faces in relation to the makeup she’s applying.



Boy Can It Take Time

A few years ago, I was just out of college… and bored out of my mind with unemployment… there was whispers of Mycrofilms making a film called “Swerve City”… I had never directed a film before… but I knew if we ever got to shoot “Swerve City” then it would just be called “Swerve” and it would have a lot of visual effects in it… because I knew we probably wouldn’t have a lot of money to shoot it… and that would be a cheaper way to pull it all off… and all it would take is time.

Back then I had time… I spent hour after hour watching tutorials on how to use After Effects… making little notes… figuring out exactly what was possible and how we could use that for Swerve. Hours just watching… with the exception of one or two little test shoots I’ve never had any real footage to work on… but I hoped all that would take was time.

Jump forward a few years and we actually shot the film… six days of bloody chaos on the streets of Kilkenny…producing hours of footage…hundreds of photos… most of which have spoilers so I’ve had to sit on them until the film is finished. I look through them some times knowing that I’ll eventually be able to let people see them… all it will take is time.

Jump forward a few more months… some technical glitches…some  equipment needs…. the footage is synced, roughly assembled and ready to cut… I’ve never really cut a film before… but I’m sure all that will take is time. And for weeks I fumble my way through Final Cut Pro… constantly mixing up shortcuts with Photoshop… until it starts to actually look like a film!?

And then all of sudden… after all that time… I’m sitting looking at a visual effects list with over 70 shots on it… for that film we actually made… and suddenly I’m neck deep in pre-composed layers and pre-keyed elements and all the stuff I didn’t really understand but I’ve been thinking about for years… and I’m pretty sure all it will take is a little more time.


Every time this happens I think I’ve deleted the film… thankfully I haven’t… I just forgot to turn my hard drive on.



photo 2(1)


#Spoiler: This is what the film looks like right now!


“We’ll do it in post” he said… “just takes a bit of time” he said.




Boy Can Archive

It occurred to me last night that I’ve been working on films and videos of all shapes and forms for about 20 years now… but I’ve never actually had a showreel.

It seems pointless to put one together now when Swerve and Daffney are on the way and I’m certain they’re the two best films I’ve worked on to date… but for the sake of archiving I’ve added a new section to the website… The VAULT. A place to gather all the stuff that came before.

The first entry is last year’s Mycrofilms‘ music video from REPLETE – ‘Wait For You’.

Directed by John Morton, produced & edited by Alan Slattery, featuring Eddie Murphy & Connie Walsh with art direction by Niamh Moyles.

Shot on two 5D MkII’s over the course of a day, it was my first chance to see what my lenses could do video-wise and test my new monitor, follow focus kit & rig before the upcoming Swerve shoot.

Fun Fact: The cast & crew had eggs thrown at them (they missed) and were mooned by people in passing cars on John Street that night… good times!

image_1 image_2 image_3 image



Behind The Scenes – Mycrofilms ‘Daffney Molloy & Other Catastrophes’

I was back in DoP mode over the weekend for Shoot Day 4 & 5 on Mycrofilms latest short film ‘Daffney Molloy & Other Catastrophes’.

We managed to slate up another 60+ shots over the course of a day and a half… shooting my first dance sequence as well as all sorts of lovely scenes filled with both romance and comedy.

Thanks very much to Darragh Byrne for lending me his slider for the shoot… I was hoping to test it out before I buy one, unfortunately I didn’t really get to use it… instead adopting a more handheld shoot from the hip/shoulder style… it’s better when you’re constantly getting caught out in fucking monsoons.

Thanks also to Richie Cody for assisting me during the shoot… being my hands when my hands were cameras…. and taking all these lovely behind the scenes photos of me at work in various locations around Kilkenny… with various disgruntled faces… and of course my robot jocks!?
BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-1 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-2 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-3 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-4 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-5 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-6 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-7 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-8 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-9 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-10 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-11 BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-12    BoyCanFly_DaffneyMolloy_ForWeb-16 10269442_288571047978305_776072589344337548_n